You can’t be slim without starving! 20 easy ways to lose weight, this tip pleases people who want to be slim.

You can’t be slim without starving! 20 easy ways to lose weight, this tip pleases people who want to be slim.

Lose weight to be slim as fast as you like without overdoing it. With weight loss techniques that anyone can do!

Whether exercising, dieting, or even modifying various behaviors to lose weight. It seems to be difficult for many people, so the intention of losing weight is not fulfilled. Don’t be so desperate that you give up on obesity. If you haven’t tried these 20 weight loss techniques first. Because each method is extremely easy. Suitable for people of all ages Well, let’s see clearly. Then go start losing weight again right now. 1. Avoid white flour.           Foods made from refined flour Even though it provides the body with carbohydrates, it can also make us fat. Because white flour is high in sugar, and there is almost no fiber left at all. If you want to be slim, avoid these foods completely, turning to eating foods that come from unrefined flour is better.


2. Say goodbye to soft drinks

Soft drinks can increase the risk of obesity for us up to 65% because soft drinks are high in sugar. While soft drinks with sweeteners instead of sugar can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes. In conclusion, any type of soft drink should be discontinued. If you really want to lose weight, drinking water is enough. 

3. Eat salad for every lunch. 

    Salads are a good source of minerals, vitamins and fiber, which can help you feel fuller longer than other foods while being low in calories. Eating salad for lunch every day will help you stay pregnant until evening As a result, we can eat less dinner as well. Consider adding a salad to your lunch options. You can start by eating it with other dishes first, and you will see a change in your dinner.

 4. Don’t let yourself get too hungry.

Hunger is the worst enemy of weight loss. Allowing yourself to get really hungry and then eat will cause you to pop all sorts of food into your mouth without caring about the calories. if you want to lose weight should eat enough food at each meal If you really can’t resist, you should find a snack or snack that is low in calories to fill your stomach first. Don’t let hunger panic at all.

5. Get enough sleep. 

 Getting enough sleep can reduce appetite. which can be a cause of obesity Because when people don’t get enough rest The body will release stress hormones that make us feel hungry all the time. Therefore, sleep should be 7-8 hours a day to be called enough. More importantly, avoid using smartphones during bedtime as it may cause insomnia.

6. Brush your teeth after every meal.

In addition to being in the matter of cleanliness Brushing your teeth after every meal tells your brain that the meal is over. Our body will automatically stop the appetite. But you should brush your teeth after eating at least 30 minutes so that the acids that come from food, which may be on the teeth, disintegrate first.

7. Drink a lot of water

. good effect on health But it can also help fill our stomach. makes us not feel hungry often In addition, drinking a glass of water before eating also makes us eat less. It’s an easy way to lose weight without dieting.

8. Reduce salty, reduce fat.

It’s not just the sweet taste that makes you fat. But the salty taste can also be a cause of obesity as well. Eating salty foods will make you feel more thirsty and thirsty, causing you to overeat or put too much in your mouth. which if you can stop eating salty food Not only will the weight be reduced satisfactorily Various health risks will also be reduced as well. 

 9. Add spicy flavor to the dish.

 The spicy flavor from the spices not only adds spiciness to the dish. but also has a positive effect on weight loss as well According to a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, this spicy spice can help regulate your body’s need for carbohydrates. Not only that, capsaicin (Capsaicin) in chili peppers. It also stimulates the brain to secrete endorphins. makes you not feel hungry easily It can also create a good mood for us. So good, let’s get together!

10. More interested in nutrients than calories

Calorie counting is an effective way to lose weight. But it doesn’t always help us to lose weight effectively. especially those who are serious about counting calories Eating in small amounts because of the fear of high calories will cause the body to not get enough nutrients. and the loss of the balance of nutrients in the body Plus it makes you hungry more often. Turn your attention to the amount of nutrients that will be obtained from eating better food. This will help keep you full for longer. Do not get hungry so often that you accidentally put dessert in your mouth and cause weight loss to fail

11. Take note of everything you eat.

Taking notes of what we ate today It doesn’t just help us know how much we eat. and accidentally eat something But it can also help you plan a better weight loss plan. Know what to reduce or increase during the day. Or is there any kind of food that should be serious about quitting? This will make your weight loss sustainable, do not come back fat again

12. Make your own meals more often.

eating out Or buy ready-made food to eat a convenient way But not suitable for people who are losing weight anyway. Because we will not be able to control the amount of fat, sugar or starch that causes obesity. Turning back to cook your own food would be a better choice. If you want to increase or decrease anything, you can do as you wish. It also helps to control the weight in a way that you are satisfied with.

13. Wear clothes that fit. 

   Clothes that fit or are slightly smaller than usual may not be something that someone who is trying to lose weight would want to mess with because they would be uncomfortable to wear. But let me tell you, this is something that will automatically help you keep yourself from overeating. Because probably no one who wears small clothes will dare to eat a lot until the belly protrudes, is it true?

14. Switch to eating with chopsticks.

hopsticks are an amazing weight loss eating tool. Just by using chopsticks, we can reduce the amount of food we eat and eat more mindfully. Because we have to take time to pick up each bite of food in our mouths. And still picking up little by little Taking longer to eat will make our brain feel like we’ve eaten a lot and make us feel full quickly enough.

15. Use blue or blue to help.  

Red, or bright colors, is a color that gives you an appetite. On the other hand, blue or sky blue can also help reduce appetite. If you think you can’t control your diet try to use these colors to help by changing the bowl or a tablecloth in blue or blue Or if you want more results, try using natural blue colors, such as from pea flowers to cook, which is another good way. These methods will make you eat less food significantly.

16. Eat fresh fruit instead of juice.

Instead of getting more sugar and calories from fruit juice Switch to eat fresh fruit better. Because fresh fruit has less sugar and calories. It also contains fiber to help reduce hunger during meals.

17. Eat nuts as a snack

If  you want to be skinny, say goodbye to snacks that are full of flour, sugar and flavoring powder. Let’s have a taste of these roasted nuts, they are full of nutrients including minerals, vitamins, protein and even fiber. Only 1 handful at a time can eliminate the problem of eating little by little that causes obesity.

 18. Use a pedometer.

A pedometer is another way to help you exercise more. For people who have to sit at work for a long time and do not have time to exercise to lose weight. A pedometer will motivate you to walk more. Just walking 10,000 steps a day is good enough exercise. This method is not only good for weight loss but also good for our health.

19. Smell when you feel hungry. 

 You can be full just by smelling it. This is no joke, according to a study from the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago. which has been tested with more than 3,000 volunteers, showing that Smelling food when we feel hungry will help the brain think that we have actually eaten food, thus reducing our appetite. Resulting in more effective weight loss

20. Clean your house at least once a week.

Believe it or not, doing household chores can help your body burn up to 120 calories in just 30 minutes, which is equivalent to the calories of vanilla ice cream. Half a cup bye Therefore, if you want to lose weight, turn to exercise by doing household chores once a week. Get a clean and slim house, what could be better than this!


Techniques for weight loss that are presented It should be an aid in losing weight for many people, depending on the discipline of each person as well. Because if using these methods but still secretly eating food to increase obesity Anyway, there’s no way to be slim, of course.

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