What disease does a lump on the neck mean? Check the symptoms of a lump on the neck, tell the disease

What disease does a lump on the neck mean? Check the symptoms of a lump on the neck, tell the disease

If you find a lump in your neck but don’t know if it’s benign, cancer, or just a tumor Let’s try to check briefly first and see what disease the lump on the neck can tell.

  • Feel for a lump in the neck, will it be dangerous? Anyone who finds a lump in the neck must check other symptoms along with which diseases we fall into, or is it really just a normal lump? It’s not a disease. Let’s read the information we’ve gathered for you.

1. A lump in the neck from a congenital abnormality

  • The lump on the neck may be a lump of fat. or lumps that are present from birth This type of lump on the neck is usually harmless. and not hurt You may just feel the lump until you feel anxious. which if uncomfortable with the symptoms of having a lump on the neck May see a doctor to discuss further solutions.

2. A lump in the neck from infection, inflammation

  • In this case, it is more common in young children. Because young children will have low immunity. and maybe a cold frequent throat infections until it causes infection in the salivary glands or lymph nodes that are spread around the neck, causing lumps, swelling, tenderness and possibly fever

3. Lumps in the neck from enlarged lymph nodes

  • Enlarged lymph nodes can be found for many reasons and can be found in all genders and ages. It is a symptom caused by inflammation of various tissues and organs that results in inflammation of nearby lymph nodes as well. But in the lymph nodes themselves there is no sign of infection. But it is often affected until the lymph nodes are enlarged. have tenderness and the lymph nodes may be enlarged as well

4. Lumps on the neck from tumors

  • Tumor-like cervical lumps are found as recent, palpable lesions, and this type of cervical lump can grow in size. which when found a lump in the neck and that lump has grown in size Whether it hurts or doesn’t hurt You should see a doctor to check if it’s a benign tumor. Or is it a malignant tumor


  • If the lump on the neck is palpated and found to be soft can move a little But no pain. or pain in any way and the lump on the neck does not grow unchanged Including no other abnormal symptoms. In this case, it may be a cyst or a fat lump that is not serious. have a chance to atrophy by themselves But if left untreated, inflammation or infection can occur as well. Therefore, seeing a doctor is the best solution.

6. A lump on the neck from cat scratch disease.

  • Cat scratch disease is a subacute bacterial infection. The cause is caused by the scratching cat, may not be washed the wound correctly, causing bacterial infections from the cat’s wound. The symptoms may include fever after being scratched or bitten by a cat. enlarged lymph nodes and there is swelling If scratched by a cat around the neck, it can cause the lymph nodes in the neck to enlarge and turn into a lump on the neck. However, there may be bone pain, joint pain, and fatigue for more than 2 weeks, so if scratched or bitten by a cat Should have a doctor or nurse take care of the wound. Most importantly, don’t forget to vaccinate against rabies as well.

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7. A lump on the neck from thyroid cancer.

  • If the lump in your neck is near your Adam’s apple and the lump moves according to the rhythm of swallowing saliva accompanied by dysphagia, throat pain, cough, and enlarged lump in the throat In this case, you may suspect thyroid cancer.
  • – Thyroid cancer. found from a small lump The chances of getting lost are great. Check the symptoms before they become serious.


8. A lump in the neck from lymphoma


  • A lump in your neck can be a sign of lymphoma. Because in the neck we have many lymph nodes. The symptoms that can be observed that the risk of lymphoma is A lump on the neck that moves quickly, grows quickly, looks like a pencil eraser when palpated, has frequent fever, and sweats easily. Unexplained weight loss, fatigue, or other symptoms associated with it, should see a doctor for sure.

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9. Nodules in the neck from tuberculosis

  • Tuberculosis infection in the nasopharynx, mouth, teeth, or neck can cause enlargement of the lymph nodes in the jaw to the neck. Until a lump on the neck to be found In which case there is often a lump in the neck along with other symptoms, such as tenderness, fever, fatigue, etc.


– Tuberculosis after the nasopharynx. Silent Threat fatal

10. Lumps on the neck from goiter


We don’t see this case very often. Since we currently have a goiter vaccine. Including eating better So people are not deficient in iodine until they are at risk of goiter disease.


How to treat a lump on the neck?

 Before treating it, we should first know what causes the lump on the neck. which the doctor will diagnose from the symptoms The position of the lump on the neck, age, and if the cause is still not found, it may be sent for x-rays, CT scan or MRI to check the lump in the neck to see if it matches any disease. or if still not found The doctor may take a biopsy and examine it. and when the cause of the lump in the neck is found The doctor will continue to treat according to the disease and symptoms.
However, there are many causes of a lump in the neck. It also depends on where the lump on your neck occurs. At this point, the doctor must continue to diagnose. Therefore, if there is a lump on the neck of any kind You should hurry to check quickly to see what the cause of the lump in the neck is. will be treated in a timely manner


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