What causes body bruises? What disease can you tell me?

What causes body bruises? What disease can you tell me?

Whether it’s a clumsy person who walks into that place, that person is not But on his body, there were many shocking bruises. Eh…ok, are we sick with any disease?

Idiopathic bruising appearing on our skin Some bruises on the arms Some blotchy bruises on the legs, many people wonder what exactly is the bruise on the body. Because sometimes the bruises occur without us having to bump into or bump into anything. Or bruises on the arms and legs that occur will be a sign of the underlying disease. Let’s look at what bruises on the body are symptoms of.

1. bumping into something unconsciously

If the bruise is a cyanotic mark and is only 1-2 bruises on the body, pressing down and causing mild pain, it may be a normal bruise that we bumped into something or bumped into something without realizing it. These bruises are caused by broken capillaries, but in 4-7 days the bruises will disappear by themselves.
2. Lack of nutrients
, especially vitamin C and vitamin K, which are important vitamins for blood vessels and blood vessels. Therefore, if the lack of these two vitamins. or the body does not get enough vitamins It may cause the blood vessels to be more fragile than usual. This results in bruising more easily. However, the resulting bruise will be a bruise that doesn’t hurt. which if there are many bruises on the body Should see a doctor to determine the cause of the symptoms further.
3. Getting older
Elderly people whose bodies deteriorate with age The skin will become so thin that it loses fat and collagen that protects blood vessels. And this makes the blood vessels brittle more easily. Causes when the skin bleeds, it will be seen as dark circles clearly.
4. Exercising too hard.
          Exercise is a good thing. But if you overdo it, it can cause bruises even though your body hasn’t even hit anything. Because using heavy exercise muscles can cause capillaries to tear easily. Turned out to be blotchy black and green bruises on the arms, legs, etc., which if resting exercise for a period of time The bruising will gradually disappear by itself.
5. Use of steroid drugs.

          People who need steroid drugs to treat their illness If steroids are used for a long time, side effects may cause the capillaries to become fragile and easily ruptured.

6. Low platelet count

If there is a bruise as a small hemorrhage in the skin, it does not hurt to press. Press and the marks won’t fade away. no itching and the number of bruises is at several points together Thrombocytopenia may be suspected. Which should see a doctor for another blood test

7. Bleeding under the skin (Ecchymosis)

          This condition is caused by bleeding under the skin. from abnormalities in the hemostatic mechanism of the body Appearance as bruises, pressing does not disappear, can be palpated, hard lumps are kidneys and may have tenderness If there are other illnesses, such as fever, paleness, swollen joints, severe headache, bleeding easily, difficult to stop, blurred vision, blood in urine-feces Or there is a lump in the neck, armpits, groin (according to the lymph nodes), you should see a doctor quickly.
8. Dengue fever

   If referring to the point of bleeding We can think of another disease. That is dengue fever. with mosquitoes as carriers which if there are both bleeding points on the body and high fever You should hurry to see a doctor urgently.

– Dengue fever, a bad disease that is borne by mosquitoes. Dangerous to life!

9. Defective bone marrow disease.

Idiopathic bruising may be a sign of a bone marrow disorder. which causes blood cells to malfunction

Until showing physical symptoms as bruises on the body at many points, let ‘s get to know this disease more. The origin of the bruise on the body

  • 10. Hemophilia
  •  Hemophilia is a disease caused by abnormally low levels of the proteins that help your blood to clot. Causes bleeding easily, difficult to stop, so may find blood bruises at various points of the body Statistically, hemophilia is found in males more than females. Hemophilia is also a genetic disease.
  • – Hemophilia, easy to bleed, careless, can be life
  • threatening
  • ! And these non-erythrocyte leukocytes crowd the bone marrow. The bone marrow is unable to produce normal blood cells and platelets. Causing anemia, easy bleeding, easy infection, which if suddenly there is a bruise of blood on the body and the bruise does not heal I have to try to see a doctor anyway.
  • – known as leukemia or leukemia
12. Venous thromboembolism (VTE)
  •  Blood clots in the body’s blood vessels can be the cause of bruising. Bleeding suddenly pops up in the body for no apparent reason. which if the bruise lasts longer than 1 week with swelling Especially in the leg and pressing pain, it is better to see a doctor for a clear diagnosis.traces showing abnormalities of the body If it happens, do not be complacent or let it pass. Because only a few small bruises It may be a sign of a disease that we never expected. But if the bruise happened because of our own clumsiness In this case, we have a solution for bruises

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