Walking Miracle This is the miracle of walking.

Walking Miracle This is the miracle of walking.

  •        walking exercise There are more benefits than you think. especially if you want to have a strong body got up from the seat and let’s walk
  •           Slowing down your life by walking offers more benefits than you think. especially in terms of health There are many studies that help to confirm that walking is a great medicine for physical well-being that many people may overlook. For this reason, 24/7 magazine asks to be a friend to walk beside you in order to gradually nudge . Let you see how thick the walk is, how wonderful it is.
  • Walk, Burn Fat

    Walking is almost the only exercise that has been incorporated into your daily life without you realizing it. which if you know how to walk properly Guaranteed to have a beautiful figure, but how to walk to burn fat effectively We have some advice for you.

              * Pay attention to posing. Keep your shoulders and back in a comfortable position. The line looked straight ahead. Adjust the level of the chin to raise it at a straight level.

              * Observe the heart rate. control the walking rate in relation to the heartbeat Try to walk briskly. A good heart rate will help you burn calories efficiently

              . Or find a backpack to carry while walking. It will help burn fat in the body better. But avoid carrying heavy objects with your hands. or find something to clutter your ankle while walking

              * swing your arms in beautiful circles While walking, try to keep your elbows at a 90-degree angle. Swing your arms forward and backward, keeping your elbows at a constant level. *

              Contract your abdominal muscles. Try contracting the abdominal muscles often while walking to help reduce the belly

              . When walking, the hip muscles move as well. Just control the hips to sway according to the rhythm of the walk. It will help the hip muscles to firm up.

              * Flexing the thighs in the back. Building muscle in the posterior thigh while walking is another way to promote a fitter and firmer figure. Especially the shape of the hips

              * Lift the knees rhythmically. While walking, raise your knees rhythmically. When walking for a while, you need to rest your knees. So as not to cause injury

              * Long steps girls walk with long steps to increase the muscles in both the inner and outer areas of the ankle.

              * Walking on uneven ground This means exercising by walking on grass, sand, gravel, rocky ground, or a pavement specially arranged for walking.

              * Feet and walking. Walk with your heels touching the ground first. Before adjusting the feet to bend to send the weight to the feet, the front toes will help push to move forward with a balanced.

  • Good walking is profitable

    when walking is brought to explain what can help. We have found that the benefits of walking are many more than a page, but it can be summarized as:

              * Increases endorphins, a hormone that helps reduce tension, anger, fatigue. And anxiety

              * Reduce sickness

              * Increase the muscles of the arms and shoulders. Plus a six-pack in men

              * Strengthens bones and stimulates the circulatory system

              * Strengthens leg organs

              * Relieves glaucoma

              * Prevents Alzheimer’s disease more than normal people


              * Europeans in scandivia row or polar Use walking to burn nearly 50% of your fat.

              * brisk walking or jogging and walking up and down stairs burns more fat compared to normal walking

              * just 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week, or 3 hours a week you spend walk It can help increase happiness and good health.

              * Walking can prevent colon cancer by 31% in women.

  • Amazing Number

              * 7,192 is the average number of steps taken per day for men

              * 5,210 is the average number of steps taken per day for women

              * 100 is the calories accumulated in the body can be burned by A mile walk

              * 150 steps you walk equals 1 minute of swimming and cycling

              * 100 steps you walk equals 1 minute of weightlifting

              * 200 steps you walk equals 1 minute of sliding. roller skate

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