Vajira Hospital explains the facts treat osteoarthritis Is it a blood churning injection instead of surgery, only 300 baht?

Vajira Hospital explains the facts treat osteoarthritis Is it a blood churning injection instead of surgery, only 300 baht?

Wachira Nurse informed news about knee osteoarthritis treatment by manipulating the patient’s blood instead of surgery for the first-middle stage, charge 3,500 – 4,000 baht per side, not 300 baht, limited to 2 patients per week.


  • On December 4, 2019, Vajira Hospital has announced the clarification of News about osteoarthritis treatment in online media that has been published Osteoarthritis treatment by injecting certain substances into the knee joints of Vajira Hospital patients. Faculty of Medicine Vajira Hospital Claims to cure knee pain from osteoarthritis. with the method of churning the blood and injecting it into the knee No need for surgery, 300 baht per side. If you don’t want to have surgery, come to Vajira Hospital
  • . may cause the public to misunderstand Vajira Hospital Faculty of Medicine Vajira Hospital Navamindradhiraj University therefore would like to clarify the facts To make it clear as follows:
  • 1. Filming and disseminating such news Not allowed by the treating physician or Vajira Hospital And Vajira Hospital has no policy to take any pictures of patients and personnel. as well as methods of treatment In order to maintain the rights and confidentiality of patients and the rights of hospital personnel . to separate the platelets to be injected into the knee joints of patients with mild knee pain and degeneration with the aim of reducing the patient’s pain within a period of not more than 1 year . such a new way Clinicians agree that 3.1 can reduce pain in the first 12 months after treatment. in patients with early or moderate osteoarthritis of the knee without knee deflection


  • 3.2 There may be infectious and inflammatory complications after treatment
  • . 3.4 It is still inconclusive whether such treatment can delay the destruction of articular cartilage in osteoarthritis or not. Due to limited evidence . 4. Treatment costs are usually between 3,500 – 4,000 baht per side. The charge of 300 baht according to the news is a case that has been reduced or supported in some patients. which must be considered by the Faculty of Medicine Vajira Hospital and must meet the specified conditions



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