The parable of people who shed tears often Signs of a blocked tear duct Intensified to the point of needing surgery.

The parable of people who shed tears often Signs of a blocked tear duct Intensified to the point of needing surgery.



A parable of people who often shed tears, have eyes, but can see well. Finally, it is a blocked tear duct that spreads to purulent inflammation of the lacrimal sac. The swollen eyes are very scary. must be treated with surgery



  • On February 15, 2021, Facebook Arak Wongworachat of Dr. Arak Wongworachat, director of Sichon Hospital Nakhon Si Thammarat Province There is a post about the latest found threat, which is a blocked tear duct disease. puffy eyes Details are as follows:
  • The patient is a 40-year-old woman. Six months ago, she felt irritated in her left eye. Tears flowed all the time, burning eyes, but eyes were not red. When I went to the pharmacy, I received drops of antihistamines until the symptoms subsided. However, after waking up in the morning, the eyes began to have yellow discharge But still well visible. Finally, during the previous 7 days. The inner corner of the eye is swollen and red, and there is a lot of pain around the eyes. before infection followed by purulent inflammation of the lacrimal sac


  • For blocked tear ducts It is a blockage of the tear ducts. causing tears to not be able to drain causing tears to flow or dry all the time The cause is The tongue that opens and closes the tear duct does not open. It may be due to increasing age. Narrows the opening for tear drainage. or injuries to the eyes, nose, or infection It can also be the cause.


  • As for the symptoms Tears flowing all the time, red eyes, and inflammation around the eyes often. where the cornea has eye discharge or pus around the eyes
  •           Treatment In this patient, anti-infective drugs were combined with surgical drainage. Surgery to treat blocked tear ducts can be divided into 2 types: traditional surgery by opening the incision on the side of the nose To drain the tear duct and suture the wound. The disadvantage is that it can cause a scar. or endoscopic surgery Your doctor will surgically insert a small camera inside your nose to open up the tear ducts. This method does not scar. and make the patient recover faster


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