Solving doubts, what is keloid from ear piercing, why does it happen? Doctors have answers!

Solving doubts, what is keloid from ear piercing, why does it happen? Doctors have answers!

  • Doctors provide information about keloids, large lumps formed by multiple ear piercings. after the news was shared on social media along with pointing out the cause and treatment methods

It is a news issue that many people are very excited about. When a page came out to post a warning about multiple ear piercings may be at risk for keloids a kind of scar convex and may expand into a large lump around the ear ready to suggest that Piercings, tattoos, or any unnecessary surgery should be avoided to avoid this happening. Causing many people to panic Some people wonder what keloids actually come from. And how can it be treated?


  • Recently (September 6, 2018) on the Facebook page Dr.Surawej Numhom, Dr. Suravej Namhom, has posted information about keloids, including the causes. Including treatment methods as follows
  • “pierced ears and keloids It looks like a big lump in the hole that pierced the ear, which is very common in Thai people. because of race and heredity
  • The other day, there was a reporter from Channel ONE asking to interview a doctor about ear piercing and keloids, why it happened and how to treat it. which the doctor himself was a little confused about why suddenly came to ask for an interview Because the doctor himself has written many times on the page. But will summarize again.
  • Keloids are raised scars that are much larger than the original scar, such as a small ear piercing. If it turns into a keloid, it will expand so much that it can gradually eat away at the ear
  •          . In some people, it can happen years after the ear is pierced. Most often there is something like an inflammation of the pierced ear. which may be a single inflammation Then later, the hole that was drilled solidified into a small lump and gradually grew bigger and bigger until someone as big as a ping pong ball had ever met.
  •          If there is a keloid lump at the ear piercing hole, if the lump is small like a mung bean May be treated by injection. most of which are steroid drugs which will inject not much each time and waited for about 1 month before injecting again But if the lump is bigger than the peanut The doctor will not waste time injecting the drug because it will hurt a lot and the chances will be less. It is advisable to have surgery. But if anyone is afraid to continue injecting


  • ear keloid surgery If a small lump is easily dissected, the ear will not lose shape, but if the lump is very large and a lot of ear bone has been eaten, the surgery will definitely cause the ear to cleft. This has to do. And the surgery will definitely not heal, must always be followed by injections or radiation.
  •   ear keloid treatment If treated properly The chance of being cured is over 90%, but if treated incorrectly, such as indifferent surgery, the chance of recurrence is very high, 50-100%. Because soon the patient will have a lump in the same place. Plus it’s bigger than before.
  •          Taking care of yourself is important. Patient undergoing keloid surgery with doctor Must also adjust the diet, for example, reduce the consumption of protein from meat, red meat, reduce slang foods such as spicy, salty, and papaya salad with fermented fish
  •          Therefore, treating keloids is not difficult. But it will be difficult when the lumps are large and have to be cut off completely. What method does the doctor have to make the ear look like an ear without a split, which is a challenge for the doctor? But when the results came out well, I felt relieved for the patient. Therefore, it is advisable for patients who are considering treatment to always know that cutting alone cannot be done! must follow up with continuous treatment as well

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