Review of weight loss like a big girl Really slim and fit

Review of weight loss like a big girl Really slim and fit

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    Thanks for the information and illustrations from Khun Mongoose on the BeacH, a member of website.
  • Chubby girls who try to lose weight, various formulas and formulas still do not work until they are discouraged. Just don’t get discouraged. Because you can still have a beautiful body that you really want. Just be determined and patient.
  • For example, the good story of Khun Mongoose on the BeacH, a member of website. website member Who has posted a thread to share the experience of losing weight of obese women to listen to each other. Do you believe that the efforts of exercising and dieting continuously make Khun Goose on the BeacH have a healthy body ? and has a slender figure that others must secretly envy If you want to know how to do it Let’s follow.


  • When obese women start exercising for health But the result is…. by Khun Phangphoon on the BeacH, a member of website


  • Hello, I
  • have been thinking for a long time whether to write a review about losing weight or not. But someone urged me to write, so I wrote (two young people, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha),
  • to be honest, I don’t dare to present myself and I’m still not sure if our weight loss method is good or not. if there is any suggestion advise or admonish Feel free to invite. I’d like to come in and talk or share more experiences. Because nowadays we ourselves are facing problems. Another thing, in case other people come to read it, will get the correct information and apply it to suit each person as well.
  • The main purpose is to let everyone take care of themselves, exercise, choose good food. Get enough rest and be healthy from the inside. (Must be good both physically and mentally. To be beautiful, one must have a good heart, haha)
  • and here is the result But before getting this size It’s a long story. Maybe a lot of books (In case some people are too long, don’t read again. So I told you first, haha)
  • Can I have my own face sensor, haha.
  • In the past, he was a very big man. It’s called big since I was a kid because the whole house has a big structure. Both parents’ side So it’s bigger than my peers. (I didn’t call myself fat at that time. Still deceiving himself that he’s a big guy, haha)
  • During my studies from elementary school, high school to university, it can be said that I don’t really take care of myself. Eating rice at each meal, never lower than 1, accumulated obesity until graduation. Fat and flimsy (legs and guts are very big), fat, black, and a lot of acne, although when I was in high school, the acne was not so much and so inflamed. It can be said that the whole body is bad. What is the maximum weight I don’t know I didn’t dare to look at the scales at all. But I can say that it should be up to 90 kilometres. I
  • almost didn’t take any photos of the fattest part, so scary, haha.
  • Until I can start thinking. Because my body is very bad, I get sick very often, catch a cold like every other week do anything, delay So I started to exercise. At first, I didn’t expect results in losing weight. Want to have better health, not get sick often, want to move more fluently So start swimming (Because it’s not hot, I can’t sweat haha) But when I finish swimming, I’m very hungry, eat, eat, eat a lot
  • because I deceive myself that I burn a lot will eat anything But that’s it. Almost nothing has changed in the body,
  • but there is a turning point, thanks to Dr. Ping, MD, Thidakarn Rujipattanakul very much (the prefix is ​​missing, you can clarify anything) I like to use Twitter. Have a chance to follow Khun Ping(Tweet the doctor @thidakarn. I hope the doctor doesn’t mind. Because I got to this point because I read the tweet of Dr. Ping and really tried to follow the advice of the doctor) Read the doctor’s tweets a lot, so we went for a run. (I seriously started going to the gym around November 2012) I
  • ‘m fat, I’m fat, I’ve never used any treadmill, I walked and ran for 20 minutes on the first day, I got down from the trademill and my legs trembled, hahaha. Some walk briskly, run a little. If the track is full, ride a bicycle and wait, or do an elliptical


The body burns well even when sitting still. The metabolic rate is better than people with less muscle. (What was wrong? Someone in the know can clarify)

So I lifted the dumbbell. I do weight training along with walking/running all the time. I just want to have muscles so I can burn better haha)

gym time On days when the treadmill isn’t available, lift dumbbells first and walk briskly on the treadmill. or if the track is empty, run before the weights Because I’m easily bored, when I’m bored, I do yoga at home (with a YouTube teacher). Exercise your waist or legs sometimes (Teacher YouTube is the same, hahaha)


alternately so you won’t get bored easily. that we exercise a variety Make many by-products as well.

That is, in addition to running / brisk walking / cycling to reduce fat. Our muscles must also be strong. to get on with the time you need to exercise (weight exercises/dumbbell exercises/exercise different ranges of muscles) and yoga also helps to increase the flexibility of the body

. It’s a by-product that we later learned about.


  • Regarding food, we choose more food (thanks again to Khun Mo Ping. who makes us choose to eat more) We always eat three meals during the workout. Breakfast is indispensable. Because if you don’t eat, you won’t really have energy to work.

The main principle in choosing our food will follow the formula that I read from the Mo Ping tweet. In 1 meal, focusing on vegetables-fruits, the proportion is 50%,

followed by good protein 25 % (eggs/fish/chicken breast/lean meat But most of us like to eat eggs and fish) with 25% flour (emphasis on brown rice / unpolished flour / whole wheat).

Try to have as little seasoning as possible. Sugar is rarely used here. Use only soy sauce, reduced sodium formula.

Switch to canola/rice bran/olive oil. The body must eat all 5 groups because some vitamins require fat to help digest and use in different parts of the body (I don’t know if I explained it correctly)

. always So I have the opportunity to choose the ingredients myself and control the taste myself. Cooking for yourself is considered the best. So that you can control the amount of food and seasoning yourself

  • (P.S. We don’t count calories. Because this method doesn’t suit us at all. We are quite uncertain about cal counting. because the shift is not correct How many calories will each dish count? Even using the app, I’m not quite sure. whether it will give us the correct number of calories or not. I used to use fitnesspal for a while but eventually had to split up. I took it myself. according to the recipe)
  • nd then eat only when you are full. Not eating as usual Two scoops of rice for each meal 
  • The sweet water is cut off. This fussy snack is reduced. Junk food can be avoided. Avoid it.
  • Reduce sweet/oily/crispy/salty foods (But sometimes they secretly eat some)
  • When choosing food, try to read nutrition information. Compare the amount of sugar, sodium and cholesterol. Try to compare many brands.


  • In fact, I think many people know about food. What kind of food is useful and what is not useful? That’s right, it’s up to us to choose to eat by ourselves. (I secretly eat food as I want. Fried chicken like that, potato chips like that, and dessert like that. I still have a craving for it.)
  • Exercise too. Choose to eat more food as well. Do it and do it. The result comes out like this.
  • This is the most recent photo taken. There was last week and last month.
  • This is the result of exercising for the past 1 year and choosing the right food for the body.
  • Slimmer, better shape. strong body I hardly ever get sick. The skin really brightens up when walking wherever I see people saying Why are you so skinny? (Some people say I’ll give it to my wife to eat. Haha.)
  • We answer everyone all the time. that we do not take medicines or supplements Just exercise and diet
  • We do not say that we are losing weight. It’s called losing weight. I’d say that since around August-September 2013, I’ve hardly lost any weight.
  • Let’s guess how many kilos we weigh. He’s joking. Really, he wants to lose weight. But when I go down a kilometer or two, it always comes back to the same level until I start to feel discouraged, haha.
  • Anyone have any advice? You can clarify. I’d love to hear any opinions,
  • thank you.



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