Management with contorted hermit posture Thai wisdom for health

Management with contorted hermit posture Thai wisdom for health


  •     The contorted hermit’s body exercises It is the wisdom of Thai ancestors which has been around for a long time. In addition to the posture of contorted hermits to help heal oneself including health promotion It also helps prevent primary disease as well. which most of the poses of contorted hermits It is an imitation of Thai gestures or postures. At the same time, the principles of body movement are used. in accordance with the inhalation and exhalation of the breath The result is healthy and energetic. and helps the practitioner to concentrate more


There are about 127 contorted hermit poses, but 15 are the basic positions accepted by the Ministry of Public Health. And people can practice by themselves.


  •  Ajarn Sukanya Hongsapraphas, Thai traditional medicine at Nakornthon Hospital Revealing that the wheel for movement consists of 4 things: standing, walking, lying, sitting, but the 15 basic postures of contorted hermits consist of only 3 things: standing, lying and sitting, which the practitioner must coordinate. be good so that there will be no congestion of blood and wind At the same time, the practitioner should choose a training position that is suitable for himself. The principle of practicing the right contorted hermit posture is You have to do just enough. If pain occurs, it should be discontinued. And most importantly, it has to be done gradually in order to see results. And you don’t need to complete all 15 poses, but you should choose one pose that is suitable for yourself. At the same time, those who have pain, swelling or broken bones that degenerative bone You should avoid exercising your body  in

this way


Position 2, Tha


Thep Phanom. After that, push the folded hand to the left. then come back to the original point and push your hand to the right The purpose of practicing this pose is wanting to send blood and wind along the arm to cure wind disease in the



The training method starts with raising the side of the hand above the head. Then join hands with both hands clasped together. Then spread both hands out to the sides. and lowered his hands down to touch the waist area Both fists gradually approach each other and bring them together at the back of the waist


Start by joining both hands together. Then straighten both arms. with both hands clasped in an outstretched manner Then extend both arms above your head with interlocking hands. and put your interlaced hands on your head This posture helps the blood supply to different parts of the body and can help relieve headaches.


Posture 5: pulling elbows to the chin


Start by bringing your left hand to touch the tip of the chin. and the right hand holding the elbow area Then rub the tip of the chin from the left side to the right side. After that, switch sides and use your right hand to finish at the tip of your chin. Then the left hand touches the tip of the right elbow. Then rub the tip of the chin from right to left. Then change to use the back of the hand instead of the palm to rub the tip of the chin. Do it in the same way as using your palm in the first step. By alternating the left hand and the right


. then bring both hands to touch the front of the leg Then move to catch the toes, then slowly move to catch the front of the legs.

Posture 7 Archery position


Start from sitting with the left leg stretched out. The right leg is bent. Both hands act like archery. Then switch legs and do the same as above


Start by sitting with your knees bent. Then straighten both arms. and spread the left palm up Then use the right hand to bend the left palm area. Then spread your left hand and slowly fold all 5 fingers down one by one until complete. Then shake your wrist up and down while making a fist. Keep switching sides to help prevent the occurrence of finger lock disease


Start by standing up with both hands clenched. By keeping the left hand on the right hand, then kneel down simultaneously with the stomach and the buttocks. Then slowly relax and continue to do so.


Position 10 Model pose.

start by standing up Then use your right hand to hold the back. The left hand grasps the thigh. Then tilt your neck to the right side as if holding your back. After that, turn your neck back to its original position. Keep doing this, then switch sides.

For this posture


it can be called a twisted body exercise that will help in terms of aches and pains in the hip area as well.

This pose consists of 2 strokes, with the 1st stroke starting from lying on your back and raising your arms. Then straighten your arms and attach them to your head. Then bring your arms back to your sides.

As for the second stroke, start from lying on your back, use your right hand to place on your abdomen, then slowly raise both hands up. then stretched to the side of the head Then clasp both hands and place them on the forehead, then slowly move the clasped hands to the abdomen. with both hands raised high Then pull the hands together on both sides back to place on the abdomen, which will help in the matter of cardio exercise. And cure diseases in the chest.

Posture 12 Khon dance,


starting from standing with both legs spread out. Then use both hands to place on the front of both legs. Then raise your left leg. Then drop the left leg back down to the original position. Then raise your right leg. Then drop the right leg down and return to the original position. This position will help in terms of balance.

Position 13: Standing position for leg massage.

Start by standing straight. then stoop down and use both hands to hold the knees, then slowly chase down to the toes Then move both hands back to the knees as well. For this posture, those who have back pain or have a tingling sensation in the back

Including aching pain and going down the legs, this position


Start by lying on your stomach. with both hands placed on top of each other under the chin area After that raise your head. then bend both knees up and bend your legs and bend your feet as far back as possible This pose will help expel the wind to better support different parts of the body


Start by lying on your side. Then lift your right leg and grab your ankle. Then switch, switch sides, and so on and so forth.

While practicing these 15 Contorted Hermit Postures, one must concentrate on inhaling and exhaling breaths as well as postures. Therefore, it will make the training effective for the trainers. by inhaling as deeply as possible Then hold your breath first. and then slowly exhale

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