left back pain Not just sitting in the wrong position Check the symptoms and don’t be indifferent!

left back pain Not just sitting in the wrong position Check the symptoms and don’t be indifferent!

  • left back pain don’t think it’s okay It may be caused by these reasons. which can affect health in the long run
  • I believe that everyone must have had back pain. and thought it was nothing much Just rest and it’s gone. which if anyone slept and disappeared Back pain may also be caused by muscle fatigue. which is considered not to be anything serious But if anyone has back pain for a long time have a chronic condition No matter what you do, it won’t disappear. I have to start thinking about what I am really doing. especially those who have back pain on the left side Today we have the cause of back pain on the left side for you to read. which if you read it, you may stop thinking that back pain is normal

left back pain is pain on the left side from the neck to the coccyx This can happen for many reasons. But normal people tend to think that it’s nothing much, maybe just tired or sitting in the wrong position. Resting would probably disappear, but actually the back pain in the left side has its origin. that are more dangerous than you think:

upper left back pain

Upper left back pain is pain from the neck to the ribs on the left side, including the neck, shoulders, scapula, back of the chest and all ribs. Including the mid-back as well The pain can occur from many causes such as


 Pain from muscles and bones.

Causes of upper left back pain It usually comes from muscles and bones. Because the different movements of our bodies affect the full muscles and bones, including sitting in the wrong position. misplaced movement and heavy lifting Therefore, if you change these behaviors, you should be able to avoid a lot of left upper back pain. but in addition to moving the body incorrectly Chronic muscle pain, bone degeneration or muscle tear can also contribute to upper back pain as well

The various organs in the body such as the ribs, skeleton, spine, muscles, ligaments, soft tissues around the neck, shoulders, joints and the middle of the back. Has an injury, fracture, fracture, wound or amputation Whether because of an accident or sport It is the cause of our back pain. Therefore, make sure that you are injured in any part of the body or not

– Nerve disorders.

  •  In addition to the above reasons Sometimes a tumor or cancer on the left back organs, heart disease, stomach ulcers. Abnormal gastrointestinal tract, cough or fever can cause back pain as well. Therefore, if you have back pain, you should consider whether you have these diseases or not. in order to continue to find the right treatment
  • lower left back pain
  • Lower left back pain is pain in the left rib that extends to the hip. Sometimes it may spread to the legs as well. The cause of lower left back pain is like..
  • – abnormal posture
  • Of course, the most common cause of lower back pain in office workers is is sitting in the wrong posture The more people who have to sit and work all day. And the table-chair is not suitable for the body. Causing to be in the wrong posture all day long As a result, it has a long-term effect on the muscles in the lower back, waist and hips, which can cause chronic back
  •           pain .
  •  Deterioration with age,
  •           organs in the body often deteriorate with age. If the older you are Organs can deteriorate and decay a lot. Especially around the cartilage where protein and water in the bone are reduced. make the bones thin fragile Therefore, it is not uncommon for elderly people to have back pain. Because joints, muscles or various organs in the body deteriorate. This can cause the bone to decay, break, or move. which is another cause of back pain
  • – torn muscles,

    bending over, lifting heavy objects, repetitive muscle use or strenuous exercise without warming up first can tear the muscles of the lower back And when the muscles are torn, it causes back pain, sure enough.
  • Pregnancy:
  •           Pregnant mothers often have pain in the lower back as well. Because the lower abdomen is the area that supports the baby in the womb. In addition, the extra weight will put pressure on the lumbar spine. Normally, back pain in pregnant women tend to come and go and hip pain. and legs together But if the mother has chronic back pain, should see a doctor as soon as possible. because it can be caused by
  • abnormalities
    in pregnancy
    because obese people have a lot of excess weight causing excess weight to press on the muscles And the spine until back pain, which if it is a long time or has a chronic condition May cause pain down the legs to the point that it may be degenerative disc disease as well.
  •  Shingles Shingles is
  •           caused by a viral infection. When it is, there will be a burning pain on the skin. and there are clear water blisters lined up along the nerves of the body Meanwhile, the shingles virus can also cause back pain. because the infection spreads along the spinal cord causing nerve inflammation and subsequent back pain           – shingles, a viral skin disease that weakens the body at once, must be careful – colitis or problems with the digestive system Lower back pain can be caused by the digestive system. or ulcerative colitis as well because the colon is in the lower abdomen when infected with bacteria Therefore, there is inflammation which can affect the area around the lower abdomen and lower back. The way to notice colitis symptoms besides back pain is There will be diarrhea, nausea, and fever as well.
  • – Kidney disease, kidney stones, or urinary tract problems
  •           Stones or hard stones that form in the urinary tract and kidneys. It may cause abdominal pain. This is because the stones move around, causing inflammation and pain in the back. It also causes blood in the urine. Painful urination, frequent urination and foul odor as well.
  •           – Kidney stones, which symptoms are clear? Know the risk factors for getting sick
  • – Problems with the reproductive system
  •  Reproductive problems in both men and women can cause low back pain, and in women, left lower back pain can be a warning sign of an abnormality in the left ovary, uterus, or fallopian tubes. In men, it may be a warning sign of an infection or a tumor in the testicle.
  • – Spinal stenosis.
  •           This disease has similar symptoms to herniated disc disease. There will be chronic back pain in the lumbar area, and there will be more pain when standing, walking or arching the back, and there will be pain in the legs as well. The cause of this disease comes from the deterioration of the bone cavity, joints, ligaments, making it larger until it squeezes on the nerves, causing pain itself. – Ankylosing
  • spondylitis

    The spine is the core of our body and back. It is an important part of the movement of the body. But when the spine is inflamed until it sticks together It will make the movement slower. or in extreme cases may not be able to move People with ankylosing spondylitis will have their back bent and their face protruding. cause back pain
  • – Herniated disc / vertebral fracture down the leg

    A degenerative herniated disc may move over the nerve. Until causing pain in the lower back and hip area And if the herniated disc compresses the sciatic nerve in the lumbar region, it can cause pain and numbness in the back and legs. which if anyone has severe symptoms May not be able to walk at all.

– Chronic back pain radiating down the leg. Signs of Herniated Disc

  • – Tumors:
  • Most of the time, if the tumor is small, it rarely shows any symptoms. But if the tumor is large, it may affect the organs in that area, for example, if it is a uterine fibroid or a tumor around the abdominal organs. It may cause abdominal pain or back pain as well. Therefore, if anyone has back pain, abdominal pain and bleeding, or has urinary tract infection, they should see a doctor urgently. because it is not an ordinary back pain
  • Treatment and prevention of left back pain
  •           The treatment for both upper and lower left back pain will depend on the cause of the pain. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the exact cause first. And if the pain is due to an injury, fracture or muscle tear It will be treated with the RICE first aid principle, which means rest, apply ice, bandage or bandage the wound. (Compression) and raise the injured part higher than the heart (Elevation). For some people, the doctor may ask to refrain from activities that cause injury. Or give anti-inflammatory drugs too. For patients with back pain due to infection Or other serious causes will be treated as appropriate. And of course, back pain has a way to prevent it as well. Although not a direct method, but it can help reduce back pain that is exercise
  •  It is recommended to exercise for about 30 minutes a day, focusing on the abdomen, back and muscles. The important thing is to exercise the right way as well. If you have time, you should go for a swim. Avoid standing for long periods of time. Sit in the right posture with a straight back or use a small pillow to support the lower back when working or driving. Did you see that the pain in the back on the left side
  •  ? Both upper and lower can occur for many reasons. And some things are not common. Therefore, if lying down or taking medicine and not recovering Should hurry to see a doctor to make sure. Because if something happens and then treated slowly It can have serious consequences.           For those who do not have pain or do not have severe pain, it is recommended to exercise, yoga or stretching to prevent back pain as follows –
  •      10 yoga poses to relieve back pain stretch every day The pain disappeared quickly!
  •           – 4 sleeping positions to relieve back pain If you don’t want your back broken, hurry up and change your sleeping position!
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  • If anyone has back pain on the right side Let’s check the cause of the pain here.
  •           – Right back pain. How can you tell if you are sick? Know that it may not be just pain!

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