hula hoop fitness equipment easy to do it yourself

hula hoop fitness equipment easy to do it yourself


     Hula Hooping is incredibly effective in reducing belly fat and burning fat. It’s an easy exercise that you can do yourself at home. Today I invite you to make a hula hoop by yourself with how to make a hula hoop recommended by Khun NooPeeYa, a member of the website, so that you can move your hips together with your friends.

The equipment that must be prepared for inventing a cloth-wrapped hula hoop is as follows:


 1. Find a conduit. with a diameter of about 1 inch. This one can be purchased at construction equipment stores.

2. Duct tape

3. Small roll of scotch tape

4. Large roll of scotch tape

5. Scissors

6. Cloth scrap ( This one is recommended to use a stretch fabric. Because it can hold the loop well. and the time will not move

much for making dowels Used to connect the hula hoop. Before using duct tape


when the device is ready It’s time to start inventing. This time, let’s continue to look at the invention process.   


  1. Take the conduits. Let’s fill it with water. After that, insert dowels into the middle of both ends of the pipe. and pull the end of the pipe to collide When it’s done, bring tape to wrap the wires. This one should be wrapped around 2-3 times to prevent the water from seeping out.


  • Then cut the fabric into stripes, but it doesn’t have to be exactly straight. Just try to cut it straight on one side. The other side will be wrinkled, it’s okay. because we can wrap the cloth over it


  • Begin wrapping by cutting a small roll of scotch tape. Let’s attach it between the cloth and the loop. And when wrapping the fabric, wrap it in the same direction every time, for example, if we are going to wrap it to the right side. We should put the cloth The cut side is on the left side. Which we will be able to wrap over the fabric in the dented part, this one is recommended. That the cloth should be wrapped at least twice. to help reduce friction When playing, it won’t hurt much.


  • When finished wrapping Use a large roll of scotch tape to wrap it 2-3 more times for durability in use. and time to wrap scotch tape then move to one side like when wrapping cloth


  •   You see, hula hooping is not as difficult as you think. In addition to saving budget in the pocket We also get a beautiful figure as a gift as well. Importantly, we can make a hula hoop to play with as a family. This one, in addition to exercising for the whole family Also showed off his own skills.

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