Don’t be complacent that you have a good body if these 6 habits make you slim but have a belly!

Don’t be complacent that you have a good body if these 6 habits make you slim but have a belly!

Slim but has a belly. Still looks bad shape. recommended to avoid Habits that make you have belly These are urgent!

to be a person whose weight is always in the normal range The shape doesn’t look fat anywhere. Even though I rarely exercise or diet much. But that may not be good luck being someone who eats and doesn’t get fat. Because if you’re skinny but have a belly It’s no different from a fat person. which also has health risks attached to it, and if these 6 habits are already checked, yes You can be confident that you are in the case of a skinny person but have a belly or Skinny Fat. It’s time to find a way to reduce belly for yourself.


1. You have a muffin top attached to your waist.

Looks like a person wearing a rubber ring with him all the time. A study from the Annals of Internal Medicine warned that people with normal weight overall But there is excess fat accumulated at the waist like this. There is a tendency to harm health to the point of death risk than people who are obese. Or someone who clearly knows from the appearance that they are overweight even

          see? I said that even if you are thin, don’t be complacent. Being thin but having a belly is dangerous, right?

2. Regular exercise But I’ve never done push-ups!

Normally people who think they are in good shape. I often exercise to stimulate the heart. Focus on cardio like cycling, running, which has the effect of making the heart and lungs healthy But the muscle and fat accumulated in the muscle layer are not burned as much. Because I was never interested in getting fit with push ups. Or other weight training at all, which may cause you to miss the metabolic boost. and dangerous fat burning Until making a slim figure, but having a belly that doesn’t look firm


3. Always control your weight. But not exercising,

slim and symmetrical, not a reason for us to refrain from exercising. Especially those who have a family history of diabetes. Hyperlipidemia, heart disease and hypertension which are all diseases that can be inherited And of course, despite being thin weight is normal Still carrying risks all the time Especially if it’s someone who just keeps their weight under control. But rarely do I diligently exercise. That little protruding belly, that’s the risk of all sorts of diseases you’re carrying.

4. Addicted to eating unhealthy food,

sugary drinks, snacks, fast food, grilled buffets If this is your favorite dining style It is not surprising if you are thin but have a belly. In addition, fasting behavior Skipping meals or being a clean eating fanatic are all at risk of being skinny but have a belly. And may increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease and other chronic diseases, not different from obese people

5. Focus on the weight numbers on the scale.

Many people only focus on the weight number on the scale. which means that you are missing the point. because of exercise and fit the muscles to be healthy Should focus more on our shape. Because exercise will cause the body to burn fat. then transformed into muscle mass which may cause our body weight to not decrease much Or some people, the more they exercise, the more they gain weight. But in exchange for a lean, fit body, not a thin body but a belly. I think it’s worth more than worth it.

6. Think your BMI is good. Life is good too.

BMI or body mass index. Maybe it’s not always a good indicator of health. As a study from McMaster University in 2011 indicates that the population in Southeast Asia. (Indians and Chinese) have a relatively high amount of visceral fat. Compared with white people with the same mean BMI, which the researchers described as In addition to the factors in the genes that affect the accumulation of body fat. There are also dietary cultural factors involved.

But whether we are in the risk group or not But if able to control food well Eat only healthy food and diligent exercise Our physical health will be good. Regardless of any risk factors

If you look down at your belly and see a little coconut milk belly protruding, you shouldn’t be complacent. Let’s say let’s exercise to reduce belly better. According to these ways to reduce belly, let’s get it!


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