Clip 5 yoga poses to reduce belly in 5 minutes, balance the excretory system as well.

Clip 5 yoga poses to reduce belly in 5 minutes, balance the excretory system as well.


How to reduce belly fat without getting tired Plus stretching the body with various yoga poses that will help reduce the abdomen. Ready to stimulate the work of the intestines and the excretory system again.


Belly problems will disappear soon if you exercise to reduce your belly. Regularly with 5 yoga poses from Popsugar Fitness , 5 minutes, the following yoga poses will help reduce the abdomen and balance the internal organs for us all at once!



1. Cat Cow

Bend down on the yoga mat in a crawling position. Keep both knees shoulder-width apart. Place both hands on the floor, arms straight. Inhale as you lift your head and back up. Then exhale while bending over and bowing the head. Repeat this 6 times and then move to the next preparation position.


2. 3-legged downward dog with knee cross

Continuing from the first position, straighten your knees until your legs are straight. Both arms are fully straightened as well. Then lift one leg straight. Then pull your leg back toward your body while extending the leg that’s resting on the floor as straight as possible. By pulling the legs back towards the body, there will be twists together in 3 ways, then take a breath and lift the straight leg again. Repeat 6 sets on each side and then switch to the other side.


3. Forearm plank with hip dip

Change into a plank position. Then lean back so your hips touch the floor, alternating left and right. Do 6 reps.


4. Eagle sit-up

Lie down on a yoga mat. Then bend your knees. cross your legs spread your arms out to your sides and crossed his arms across his chest Then lift the upper body up. similar to sit-ups Inhale When lifting the body, exhale, do a total of 6 times. After 6 times, change position to bring the soles of the feet to the floor. Lift up and down for 6 reps, then switch sides and do the same thing


5. Cross-legged twist

Sit cross-           legged on a yoga mat with your back straight and your left hand touching your right shoulder. The right hand is on the floor behind the back. Then twist your body and breathe in. Hold the position for 30 seconds, then switch to twisting the other side and hold the position for 30 minutes until you are satisfied. This posture will help stimulate the functioning of our intestinal system as well.



In addition to being a yoga posture to reduce the abdomen Practicing these yoga postures also improves blood circulation. and also stimulates the functioning of internal organs Especially in the intestines, it’s like exercising as well.



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