9 ways to completely quit smoking for good health

9 ways to completely quit smoking for good health


        How to quit smoking, what to do for those who are addicted to smoking and want to quit. Is there any way to make me stop smoking? Let’s look at some cool ways to gradually get you away from nicotine.


       Everyone knows that smoking is harmful to health. Cause many serious diseases, but many people smoke to get nicotine to relieve stress. There are not many people who feel like quitting smoking in order to be healthier. But even then, I still couldn’t find a way to quit. Jar dot com therefore has 10 ways to quit smoking for you. Follow these, you will definitely quit smoking .


What makes people addicted to cigarettes?


         Nicotine, one of the substances found in cigarettes It is a component that stimulates the secretion of dopamine. which is a substance of happiness Frequent use of nicotine to bring dopamine leads to smoking addiction. And when the secretion of dopamine decreases, it causes the desire to smoke.

Why you should quit smoking

          It is well known that regular smoking has a negative effect on health. increased risk of coronary heart disease cerebrovascular disease, lung cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease It also negatively affects the health of those around you from secondhand smoke. It also spoils the personality. So it’s much more helpful to quit smoking.

how to quit smoking

  If anyone feels that they want to quit smoking for any reason Try these steps. May help to quit smoking completely.

1. Strong commitment and clear goals

          The first and most important thing to stop smoking is determination. the more intentional the more likely you are to succeed which may set a date to be permanently terminated Or set an inspiring goal, such as quitting smoking as a birthday present for your daughter. will increase the chances of successfully quitting smoking, etc.

2. Have a strong reason for quitting

          When people do something, there must be a reason. Which, if the list of good reasons why you need to quit smoking, and those reasons are strong enough It may cause more fire to quit, such as wanting to protect family members from secondhand smoke. care about one’s own health Afraid of getting lung cancer, heart disease or not wanting to get old I don’t want to die quickly, etc.

3. Use nicotine replacement.

          when to stop smoking Nicotine withdrawal can cause headaches. affect mood or diminish energy Deduction is therefore difficult. So using nicotine replacement can help. There are now both nicotine gum and nicotine patches that provide nicotine replacement. Make it easier to quit smoking

4. Distraction with other activities

          Have you noticed that if you are idle and still, smokers tend to pick up a cigarette to smoke? So try to find other activities to distract your brain from wanting to smoke. These can be activities such as exercise, hobbies, drinking lots of water, deep breathing, and meditation. The craving typically lasts for 3-5 minutes and then dissipates. So try to be patient and pass the time by doing other activities instead.

5. Make time to relax.

          The urge to smoke usually comes during times of stress. Therefore, find ways to relieve stress, such as watching movies, listening to music, rewarding yourself with massages, going to spas, painting, doing yoga, and trying to avoid stressful situations in the first few weeks after you stop smoking.

6. Avoid Alcohol and Other Stimulants

          Some people smoke in conjunction with other activities such as drinking alcohol, drinking coffee, so try to avoid those triggers as well, for example, if it is during the period of quitting smoking, then stop partying, if smoking as well. drink coffee Try changing from coffee to tea. So that you won’t be stuck with the same taste and habit, or if you tend to smoke after meals. Instead, find something else to do, such as brushing your teeth, taking a walk, or chewing gum.

7. If you want to smoke, wait.

          If you feel the urge to smoke, wait 10 minutes. Don’t start smoking right away. Try something distracting first, for example, if you want to smoke. Try walking and talking to friends. or pick up some work to do Or try to stay in a non-smoking area for a little longer. After more than 10 minutes, the urge to smoke will disappear.

8. Find something to chew on.

          Assume that the urge to smoke comes up. Try chewing something to combat your cravings, such as sugarless gum, hard candy, or raw carrots, nuts, or sunflower seeds. Anything crunchy but delicious It will help reduce the craving for cigarettes.

9. Create Challenges

          Try calculating how much money you have to spend on cigarettes each month. Bring that amount of money to save. Or if you pick up a cigarette to smoke 1 time, how much will you pay for yourself? By doing so until you can completely quit smoking. At that time, you will receive some amount of money. Which can be used to buy rewards for yourself as well

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