9 reasons to ride a bike

9 reasons to ride a bike


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Thanks for the information and illustrations from You BlackCoffee website ibikecafe.com Are you the other one? who spend time on vacation or comfortable free time Go with the same activities that are mainly eating and sleeping at home. Well… what could be happier than this?!!           …Of course, if you are ready, today we present. Let you divide the time to ride a bicycle for good health. and spinning the two wheels out along the road There are still many advantages that you may not expect, which you BlackCoffee ibikecafe.com website. has gathered up to 10 items … let’s see if How good is cycling?



1. Don’t waste money to go to the gym in exchange for good health.

 Fitness is a place familiar to the middle class in the city. The fact that big cities often don’t have a place to exercise. These people turn to fitness. and have to pay membership fees of tens of thousands of baht per year to go swimming running on a treadmill or riding a stationary bike In the same square room, but when cycling on the road again You will find fun. Enjoy without having to pay a membership fee. healthy as well or maybe even better

          Even if there are some obstacles when it rains But it’s a good reason to drop the membership and use that money for a nice bike, which may take longer to pay off. But in the long run, it’s definitely worth it.


2. Help stop using cars

3. The world will be green to the next generation.

4. Eliminate parking problems

Bikes take up 15% less parking than a car. Bicycles can be parked right in front of the entrance. directly in front of various buildings, no need to find far parking spaces or even in narrow alleys, may lean against electric poles, fences or railings on the sidewalk Especially in urban areas where the area is expensive in dormitories, apartments, mansions, the choice of bicycles for people living in these buildings. It is more suitable than other vehicles.

5. Bicycles are easier to maintain.

The number of parts of a car compared to a bicycle is clearly different. The more you have, the more you have to change, you have to pay more. The more complicated it is, the harder it is to do it yourself. This thing is like a wheel. When replacing all parts Until finally turning back to the same place again …Although bikes are not different in form but with a smaller number lower spare parts prices Including a small service fee Or it may not be paid in some bike shops.


6. The bike goes faster.

If sitting in a car stuck in heavy traffic Especially in big cities during rush hour and seeing a bike zigzagging past us ahead. The more bike-specific lanes, the more it becomes apparent that the bikes reach their destination much faster than we do. although not faster than all the time But in the moment when everyone is in a hurry Bicycles are always faster than cars and on foot.


 7. Versatile, more versatile.       

There are places where cars are not allowed. or if walking thoroughly is slow and wastes time Bicycles may be another privilege. If we want to reach the crowded city center in a short time or into a large park Bicycles are a good choice. that are not forbidden to go beyond the parking lot can go almost anywhere and no parking fees to be paid

8. Easy to move or may be easy to carry

   In the journey that requires a car or redirect We can use bicycles to help connect various forms of travel together well. Since we bike from the accommodation to the bus at the bus stop. In America, there is a place to hang a bicycle in front of the bus. when reaching another destination We then take the bike down and continue cycling to go to other destinations. There are also travel combinations with trains, electric trains, or even passenger planes.

          If these systems occur What we get is convenience, low cost, less time, fun, folding bicycles that we can put in the trunk of a car. When we leave the car parked, we can continue using the bicycle.


9. Silence.

Loud noises often destroy peace of mind. Quiet hybrid cars are not counted. The bicycle is a vehicle that makes little noise. at different prices Imagine a morning without the sound of engines roaring. trumpet sound But there is a sound of bells or chains hitting the gears. People who go to work or children go to school will arrive at their destination with a calm mind.           And ready for the next obligation Especially on a beautiful day with good weather…what if it rains? It’s just a stream that gets a little wet. Rain comes from nature just like us humans. Why don’t you open your arms and embrace it with a joyful heart?

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