20 reasons why girls should exercise

20 reasons why girls should exercise



because of good shape It always brings good things in life, whether it’s good health, good mood, and becomes attractive to those around you as well. So it’s no surprise that Why do young women and young women dream of having a good body? but even so Many people do not use this desire here. It’s the driving force to start exercising in order to own a good body. Sigh, it’s really a pity


  • So I would like to bring a variety of reasons why you should have a good body at the website reasonstobefit.tumblr.com It has been gathered from the opinion of a slender girl who loves to exercise. Let’s go see what shapely girls they have goals or reasons that can change themselves into shapely girls. for it to become an inspiration for many young women to get up and do some exercise


1. To prove to the world that good shape in my dreams

2. To show people who insult me ​​that I can’t have a good body . know that I can do it

3. to show myself that I love myself more.

4. To beat the fat. Obstacles of being healthy.

5. To remind myself that. My body is already the most precious gift.

6. To train myself to know how to relieve stress

. 7. To prove to the world that I am strong and healthy.

8. To reduce the risk of heart disease. And manage the liver to be stronger.

9. To make yourself dress up more diversely.

10. To make yourself smile. to see a good figure in the mirror



11. To inspire the family To stay healthy

12. to change yourself to move energetically

13. to make a first impression with those around you 14. to create more self-


Swim confidently.

16. To prevent illness. 17.

to make yourself experience the feeling that Models have no different shape from me.

18. To make yourself the envy of plump girls

. 19. To make yourself in the best shape. 20.

to say goodbye to the buttocks and belly rippling when running

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