11 Foods to Eat When Your Weight Stops Never reduced!

11 Foods to Eat When Your Weight Stops Never reduced!

Here are the foods that can help motivate us to continue our weight loss journey. For people who lose weight until the weight reaches saturation point. and start to be afraid to yoyo!

People who have been losing weight for a while until they find themselves at the point of saturation. No matter how hard you try to lose weight, the number on the scale doesn’t seem to move down like during the first diet. Looking at it overall, it seems to have entered a state of scabies (Hit The Plateau), a condition in which no matter how hard you exercise, where the body does not change Because the body has been accustomed to exercising or eating the same way for a long time.


Dates and cherries

Fruits such as dates and cherries stimulate the anterior pituitary gland to release corticotropin. (corticotropin), which is a type of stress hormone released Resulting in helping to suppress the feeling of appetite. And contributes to the desire to eat more healthy food as well, so who wants to reduce the amount of food eaten in order to lose weight It’s good to change your mind and eat dates or cherries as a snack.


Eggs, almonds, chicken fillet, Greek yogurt

A study from the US Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine found that protein-rich foods like eggs, chicken, almonds, and yogurt not only help increase muscle mass. but also stimulates the functioning of the metabolic system at the same time By surveying the amount of protein in athletes who strictly control their body weight to compete. The research team said that these athletes would eat at least 2.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day, which would help them maintain their body weight with ease. Along with the protein to repair the wear and tear. and strengthen the muscles at the same time

But if you’re not focusing too much on your muscles. It is recommended to eat protein in the amount of 1.2-1.7 grams per 1 kilogram of body weight. It may start with a boiled egg for breakfast. Boiled chicken breast with salad for lunch With a snack of 15 almonds, followed by a light dinner of Greek yogurt.


Apple Raspberry Broccoli

These foods can be eaten as dinner too. Because it is a vegetable – a fruit that is very high in dietary fiber. Suitable for people who want to stimulate the subsystem to work more conveniently. It has a good effect on excretion to be flexible. This is considered one of the hearts of weight loss, so try to switch to eating boiled broccoli for dinner. Or just eat an apple for dinner, it should help the body get something new to add color to the metabolism system in another way.


For people who have a stable body weight It hasn’t been reduced for a while. Grapefruit is recommended to be eaten about 30 minutes before dinner. Juicy, low-calorie fruits like grapefruit can help curb your appetite. Equal to dinner, you will eat less. The body will receive fewer calories. Confirmed by the research findings that Those who ate grapefruit before dinner saw about 25% less food and about 7% more effective weight loss than those who didn’t eat grapefruit before dinner.


Yes, there will only be good spicy. Because you know that peppers are very high in vitamin C. This vitamin C helps expand the blood vessels in the intestines and stomach. Makes the body able to absorb nutrients better. and helps the excretory system to improve as well In addition to vitamin C Chili peppers also contain capsaicin, oleoresin and ascorbic acid. that plays an important role in reducing obesity because it has properties that help burn fat into energy well especially those whose body has low metabolism unruly metabolic system Eating chili peppers often will help stimulate the metabolic system to improve, however,

although chili can help reduce obesity. But you have to eat a lot to get enough nutrients in chili. Therefore, if you want to use chili to help you lose weight, it is recommended to eat chili in the form of an extract. It is better to eat fresh as a bunch. Others that can cause bloating, abdominal pain, gastritis, etc.

Scabies, mackerel (Hit The Plateau), or when we lose weight but the weight stops. Sometimes it’s caused by the same repetitive eating habits, including monotonous exercise. It’s a routine that hasn’t been modified much, so eating something new and unusual. It may be more or less a way to cure mackerel scabies in the beginning. Anyway, let’s try to apply it.


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