10 ways to lose weight for obese people easily But it’s hard to lose weight!

10 ways to lose weight for obese people easily But it’s hard to lose weight!


It’s easy to be fat, but difficult to be thin. How to lose weight to a satisfactory level Let’s try to keep the weight loss formula for people who are easy to gain weight but difficult to lose.


Some people get fat easily Eat a little something and gain weight. Looks so energetic that people around him obviously have to say hi to him But some people do not get fat no matter how much they eat. Weight has never increased to feel the word fat. That shows me that the factors of being fat or thin for each person are not equal. Although living and eating the same food,

because in addition to consumption behavior or lifestyle What determines whether we will be fat or thin easily or difficult is both heredity. thyroid function or some genes as well All of this results in people being fat or thin differently, even though they live the same life. Don’t be discouraged. Because the dot com box has a way to lose weight for people who are easy to fat but difficult to be thin, try to change yourself.

1. Refrain from sugary drinks,

sugary drinks, whether tea, coffee, soft drinks, clear sugary drinks of all kinds that are not plain water. Stop everything. Because each day our body gets enough sugar from food or fruit already. Therefore, adding sugary drinks may lead to the accumulation of more sugar in the body than the metabolism can eliminate completely. Which, of course, what will follow is obesity. And even arguing that this was a hard workout. exercise on a regular basis But if you still stubbornly drink sweet water, don’t change too Exercising and sweating completely would not be thin easily.

2. Limit dessert once a week.

Skipping our favorite food can lead to a yo-yo effect one day. So if there is a cheat meal, I would like to limit it to once a week. and try to eat more healthy food In order to practice their own attitudes about food and diet as well.

3. Try to cook for yourself.

At the heart of losing weight is trying to control the amount of calories in the body. In simple terms, it means excreting more energy than bringing in energy. Which means eating less so that your body receives fewer calories as well. Therefore, cooking for yourself is the best choice for diet control. Because we will be able to choose raw materials, nutrients, seasonings, flavors and cleanliness by ourselves. Therefore, if you want to successfully lose weight, you must be diligent in cooking and eating by yourself rather than buying food outside to eat.

4. Move more often.

 If we know that we only eat a little bit, we will get fat. The more we have to allow the body to use a lot of energy, simply by moving more and more often, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. Including walking more often at every opportunity To increase the metabolism even more.

5. Weight training combined with cardio 

Weight training is a muscle building exercise. This will increase the metabolism of more energy in the body. Especially if you do cardio first and then weight training

6. Exercise for at least 45 minutes.

 Don’t just think that sweating is equal to burning . Because some people exercise like they really want to go. So when will you get slim like this? So if you want to be slim and healthy. You should exercise regularly. Including exercising for at least 45 minutes continuously as well

7. Change the way you exercise.

Exercising in the same way on a regular basis may limit the ability to burn energy of the body without us knowing it. For example, a person who used to walk for 45 minutes of exercise has been walking like that for years. Some weight will decrease. But it’s still a little slow Therefore, if you want to lose weight quickly, you should change your exercise activities to have a variety, such as walking, then start jogging. I used to ride bikes and go swimming. I used to dance cardio and tried boxing. Or alternate cardio, weight training, body weight, circuit training to increase exercise potential and increase efficiency in energy metabolism. 8. Don’t be stressed

 Stress can affect obesity quite a lot here. because when we are stressed Especially if losing weight and not losing weight once A stress hormone called cortisol comes out to mess with our bodies. makes us want to eat more sweets I want to eat more and more which is a big obstacle to losing weight So try not to pay attention to the numbers on the scales. But focus on dieting and exercising in the right way. Most importantly, try to let go of stressful things around you.

9. Get enough sleep.

We should sleep at least 6-7 hours a day. Because insomnia or insufficient rest is another factor that makes you unsuccessful in losing weight as well. Because people who sleep less Or insomnia will result in hormones that control satiety or appetite are out of balance. It also makes the metabolic system while sleeping not fully working. And for this reason it makes it difficult to lose weight.

10. If you reach the end, consult a doctor.

As I said, factors that make it easy to get fat, difficult to get thin, or difficult to get fat, no matter how much you eat, you won’t get fat. Sometimes it doesn’t depend on our lifestyle habits at all. But it’s because our body has some abnormalities, for example, some people have congenital diseases such as thyroid, diabetes, or diseases that affect the digestive system and metabolism of the body. or even taking certain drugs can result in weight gain So who has these congenital diseases? Or take some drugs for a long time if you try to lose weight by yourself and it doesn’t work. It’s best to consult with your doctor for treatment and advice on what exercises are safe and suitable for you.


However, despite genetics or hormones to determine But in the end, if we seriously want to lose weight I believe that everyone will be able to overcome every obstacle that they have. And if anyone is stuck with the idea that our body is large since birth Difficult to lose weight We want you to look at ways to lose weight according to your body shape that will lead you to be thin through genetics as follows

 Lose weight according to your body shape, eat differently, exercise right and you can have a good shape.

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