10 Bad Habits That Make You Fat

10 Bad Habits That Make You Fat

There are many ways to lose weight depending on what people choose to use. But not all methods are good and correct. Because some methods may be destructive to health and also make you fatter than before,

believe that many people would dream of having a beautiful and slender shape. But no matter what method was used to lose weight , it felt like it was never successful. That is because we are still doing some unhealthy behaviors and unconsciously gaining weight.

Today, the jar dot com has brought information from the website. skinnymom.com About the bad habits that make you fat, let’s talk. Which let me tell you that If you read and stop doing these different behaviors, you will be able to lose weight for sure.


1. Calculate every calorie.

The idea that calculating calories will help you lose weight is completely wrong. Because calories are just a unit of measurement of the energy contained in food per gram. Not intended to calculate the amount of food that we should eat. Using calculations will not help you lose weight. May be the cause of our malnutrition as well.

2. Try to control your appetite.

Many people think that food cravings originate within our minds when, in fact, appetite arises from the brain’s biochemical response to food. It is true that emotional reasons are one of the reasons for appetite. But a big reason for our appetite is due to chemical reactions within the brain that regulate hormones. Cholecystokinin (CKK), a hormone that induces appetite

However, if you want to stop your appetite, you should not starve. But should eat some protein and fat. Because protein and fat are nutrients that stop the brain that controls hunger. instead of eating starch or sugar Because that, in addition to helping to reduce hunger, it will also stimulate the desire to eat more food, which causes obesity to not quit.

 3. Abstain from high saturated fat foods.

Unbelievably, foods high in saturated fat are actually very nutritious foods that cause satiety. helps treat inflammation It also reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes. It also helps prevent cancer. Therefore, you should eat some, such as coconut oil. soybean oil Not avoiding all foods that are high in saturated fat.

          Saturated fat is an important nutrient for the heart. Because the fat around the heart is almost all saturated fat. and when we are stressed The heart will begin to use those fats to work. The moderately saturated fats in coconut oil are used for brain function.

          Another thing to know is Saturated fats are not oxidized. also known as rancidity which will not cause free radicals and will not convert molecules into trans fats The cause of cancer.

4. Avoid foods that contain cholesterol.

In fact, diets high in cholesterol aren’t all that bad. It is also necessary for good health. Because cholesterol protects the heart, brain, hormones and nervous system, balances hormones. Helps to organize the brain and nervous system, however, if your body is unable to produce enough cholesterol per day. Eating some foods that contain cholesterol is something that should be done rather than avoided.

5. Eat too much sugar or low-fat desserts.

Sugar and starch raise blood sugar and insulin levels. which is the cause of fat accumulation especially in the middle of the body Plus, low-fat foods cause sugars and starches to be digested more quickly, which can make you feel hungry sooner after eating. It also affects the brain. Makes you want to eat more, even if you’re not hungry.

6. Skip breakfast

Breakfast is essential for the body. But many people still neglect to eat breakfast. without knowing whether that we do not eat breakfast or not eating enough protein and fat at breakfast Instead, eat starch and sugar or a breakfast that is low in fat and protein. It causes blood sugar to circulate rapidly throughout the body.

          But eating a breakfast that has enough fat and protein. This will lengthen the distance between meals. without feeling hungry Because breakfast contributes to the stability of blood sugar and insulin levels. It will also cause you to eat less at each meal.

7. Avoid Excessive Salt Consumption

Salt helps keep you from overeating. It also helps regulate blood volume and blood pressure, nervous system, metabolism, digestion, brain and adrenal function.

          Research has shown that salt actually has very little effect on blood pressure. And research has also shown that eating too little salt leads to insulin resistance in people with type 2 diabetes. It is also the cause of coronary heart disease and premature death, so it should eat the right amount of salt.

8. Using wrong diet methods.

Even though there are many diet methods, they are not always correct. Sometimes the diet formulas we use can be wrong and unhealthy. And when those methods are not correct, it is not surprising that those diets are not successful.

 9. Eat too many grains.

Many people believe that it is good to eat large amounts of whole grains. Because in order to lose weight it is necessary to use a lot of fiber. But the truth is, the grains we eat to aid in weight loss actually provide a lot of sugar. More starch and insulin than fiber. Instead of helping you lose weight, you gain weight and fat around your midsection. Or cause problems in losing weight

10. Avoid eating meat-containing foods.

 A lot of advice tells us to avoid meat, but it doesn’t mean that meat isn’t healthy. Or that we eat vegetarian does not mean that those foods are safe as well. Because eating only foods that contain vegetables We will not get fatty acids that are beneficial to the body, some of which are only found in animals.

 In addition, vegetables do not contain enough amino acids in protein to meet human needs. Should choose to eat meat that is raised in an organic farming system. Which at present there are quite a few However, the protein and fat that is needed for the body must come from meat anyway.


To lose weight successfully. It is necessary to change habits and abandon old beliefs at the same time. Although some foods contain nutrients that may make you fatter than ever. But if we eat in moderation and regularly, it will make our body strong and able to lose weight as intended. Therefore, you should eat foods that are full of nutrients for good health.

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